Get Better Mall Security With Cameras

June 17th, 2019

While shopping malls in Garland, TX may have had their biggest heyday in the 80s and 90s, that doesn’t mean that these merchant centers are dead. The ability to go into a single building, with many shops, without having to worry about whether it’s raining or snowing outside is a big convenience, and in that sense, shopping malls will always have a place.

But because shopping malls in Garland, TX can be so big, that means that they have a major consideration; security. With so many shops, and so many places for people run or hide, just having security personnel may not be enough, and that’s where security camera networks can come in. Here’s how they can help to improve mall security.

Vandalism Prevention

Spray paint has made it possible for people to quickly, efficiently leave permanent paint markings anywhere they go. In addition to graffiti vandalism, destruction of property—for theft, or amusement—can also occur. With security cameras set up in appropriate areas, the presence of cameras acts as a deterrence.

People who commit vandalism do not want to be easily identified or leave much evidence of their activities, as this makes it easier to investigate them and eventually lead to a possible confrontation and arrest. Security cameras make identification much easier, since clothing, gender, height, weight, and many other details are now captured on video.

Theft Prevention & Prosecution

In the same way, security cameras set up in stores within shopping malls, and in common areas, such as food courts, act as an important deterrent force. Theft in a store can’t be disputed if there’s camera footage capturing the action, and that means evidence is present if the store wishes to press charges.

In common areas, altercations such as fights or even pickpocketing are much easier to resolve when “their word against ours” is taken out of the equation. Now video footage can capture a fight or other incident as it breaks out, showing who landed the first blow, and other important details that might otherwise require sifting through unreliable witness testimony.

Shopper Safety

Finally, security cameras in parking lots can also be an important safety feature. Crime tends to occur where criminals feel they can’t be seen. Dark parking lots, with no witnesses, have traditionally been a favorite hunting ground in the past. But now, vandalism, theft, and even assault and kidnapping can all be captured under the watchful eye of a security camera.

Once criminals realize that a parking lot is protected by an eye that never stops watching, and always remembers what its seen, crime drops off dramatically. No one wants to be caught on video committing a crime when that video can be used against them in court. Shoppers can now take their goods back to their vehicles with greater safety thanks to a security camera system.

Shopping in malls in Garland, TX continues to do brisk business, but if you want even more peace of mind for yourself and your shoppers, think about improving your security systems. Everyone benefits.